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Spice Chronicles: A Journey Through the Heat and Taste of Indo-Chinese Cuisine

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Spice Chronicles: A Journey Through the Heat and Taste of Indo-Chinese Cuisine

Located in Parnell, Auckland, Everest Dine is the restaurant to go to for delicious Indo-Chinese dishes that will surely satisfy your taste buds. With friendly and attentive staff, you are guaranteed exceptional service that provides a pleasant dining experience. 

In this blog, we will delve deeper into the world of Indo-Chinese cuisine and our recommended dishes that promise a taste of Indo-Chinese flavours and spices. Let’s dig in.

Exploring Indo-Chinese Cuisine

Indo-Chinese cuisine is a fusion between Indian and Chinese cuisine, combining the spice of Indian cuisine with a Chinese twist. This includes dishes that consist of a combination of spicy flavours (chillies) and Chinese tanginess (soy sauce, vinegar).

At Everest Dine, our menu includes a selection of Indo-Chinese dishes that are perfect for a cosy meal with family and friends. 

Vegetable Manchurian

One of our most popular Indo-Chinese dishes, and a staple in the Indo-Chinese cuisine world, is the Veg Manchurian. This dish involves crispy mixed vegetables that have been fried and tossed in a tangy, sweet, and spicy Manchurian sauce. The ideal appetiser or snack as part of your meal!

Paneer Chilli

Another favourite is the Paneer Chilli, consisting of deep fried cottage cheese that is also tossed in Manchurian sauce, complete with capsicum and onions. This is another tasteful dish that you need to try for a unique Indo-Chinese culinary experience. 

Fried Rice

Our fried rice dish at Everest Dine creates the best of both worlds between Indian and Chinese cuisine, made with mixed vegetables, shallots, and of course, flavourful fried rice. You also have the option of adding chicken or pork at just an extra cost. When it comes to stir fried rice, ours is one of the best!


Chowmein is a key dish in Chinese cuisine, and at Everest Dine, we take it to an extra level by combining our Chowmein (stir fried carrots, scallions, noodles, and cabbage) with Indian spices and flavours that enhance its aroma and taste for a slight kick.

[CTA] Indulge in Everest Dine’s Indo-Chinese cuisine when you choose to dine or order at Everest Dine. With a collection of mouthwatering dishes to choose from, including vegetarian/vegan options, you are bound to find your next favourite Indo-Chinese dish at Everest Dine. Reserve a table today.

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