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Late-Night Culinary Delights

Late-Night Culinary Delights

Everest Dine Opens Late-Night for Dine-In in Parnell, Auckland: A Culinary Delight Beyond

At Everest Dine, we are delighted to announce that we now offer late-night dining options that
allow you to embark on a gastronomic journey that will take you into the late evening. Indulge in our
delectable dishes, with vibrant flavours and a combination of spices that will delight your taste buds.
In fact, here’s why you should be planning your next dine-in experience with us in Parnell, Auckland!

Late-Night Dining

As mentioned, we have extended our operating hours at our restaurant in Parnell, meaning that you can
now relish in our mouthwatering menu, inspired by Nepalese and Indian cuisine beyond the sunset. Long
after other restaurants might have closed, rest assured that Everest Dine will still be open and catering to
your gastronomic needs.

Exceptional Dine-In Experience

With our friendly staff and our cosy atmosphere, you will no doubt be welcomed into Everest Dine by an
inviting ambience that will awaken your senses and allow you to truly savour our flavourful dishes. You
can count on our skilled staff to deliver excellent service that will leave you with a smile on your face.

Extraordinary Culinary Adventure

At Everest Dine, we are renowned for our exceptional menu that takes both Nepalese and Indian cuisine
and transforms it into an unforgettable experience that Kiwis are both familiar and unfamiliar with. With
the zest of Nepal and the tang of India, from curries to rice dishes, we offer something for everyone.
Created with local ingredients and made by expert chefs, we provide authentic Nepalese food that you’ll
love from the first bite.

Convenient Location

You can find us at the heart of Parnell, Auckland, conveniently located where both locals and visitors can
easily spot us, and just as easily dine-in. Plan your next late-night dining experience with Everest Dine by
giving us a call on 09 303 2468. We are open Monday to Thursday (5pm to 10pm) and Friday to Sunday
(5pm to 10:30pm).

Everest Dine’s introduction of late-night dining in Parnell, Auckland now allows all food enthusiasts
to enjoy our wonderful collection of authentic Nepalese dishes long after the sun sets. What are you

waiting for? A magical culinary experience awaits you at Everest Dine. Make a reservation at our
restaurant today to book your table!

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