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Health Benefits of Sekuwa Kebabs 

Health Benefits of Sekuwa Kebabs 

You will have most likely heard of kebabs. They’re known to be a delicious dish and in general, kebabs consist of cut-up or ground meat. They are typically cooked on a skewer over a fire. But have you heard of Sekuwa Kebabs? This blog explores what Sekuwa Kebabs are, and their health benefits. 

In Nepal, Sekuwa is an extremely popular street food, made of roasted meat. This dish can mainly be found in Kathmandu and Dharan of Nepal. It can be made of chicken, goat, buffalo, lamb or pork. Before being grilled, it is usually coated with fresh Nepales. The kebab is cooked using piles of fire coal. This makes it ideal to be cooked on barbeques, but it can be enjoyed all year round, regardless of the weather. 

Being cooked on fire, the method of cooking creates a juicy texture but smoky flavour. What’s great is that Sekuwa Kebabs can be served with a range of vegetables, spices and side dishes, making them extremely versatile. Despite being so tasty, Sekuwa Kebabs actually have many health benefits, making it a great choice of dish. So, what are the health benefits?

Firstly, Sekuwa Kebabs offer a large amount of protein, due to its main ingredient being meat. Proteins are made up of amino acids, which enable the body to build and repair muscles, and bones, as well as create hormones and enzymes. Protein is also an excellent source of energy which is released slowly. 

On top of this, Sekuwa Kebabs also provide a large source of Vitamin B12 for the body. This is a vital nutrient which assists the body’s blood and nerve cells, helping to create DNA, and keeping you healthy. [CTA] If you are looking for the tantalising tastes of Nepal right here in New Zealand, Everest Dine is the place you’ll find it. Known as the only place to get authentic, mouthwatering Nepalese cuisine in Auckland, we offer you a dining experience like no other. As the best restaurant serving authentic Nepalese food in Parnell, we are happy with any queries regarding our menu. Get in touch with us today.

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